Burning of our Tudor houses

Did you enjoy watching our Tudor houses burn? Were your predictions about the hidden objects correct?  Tomorrow we will be looking at the objects and comparing them , so we can discuss the effects of heat. Was there anything that surprised you?

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4 thoughts on “Burning of our Tudor houses

  1. No nothing suprised me because i already knew about the things in fire:The cheese melted,the bottles disappeared , the can and noodles were burnt and black and the potatoes burned. I liked the houses burning and mine took a long time to burn and mine lasted the longest.

  2. We watched the houses burnt with potatoe,coke can,cheese,candle,super noodles then when the houses were burnt cheese,candle and super noodles were burnt down Pepsi,Pototoe were grey and black

  3. I enjoyed watching the Tudor house burnt and I like James insecure his house was made out of bricks and he was the last one for his house to burnt

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